The Closets of Time

A New Fiction Anthology

edited by
Richard Truhlar
and Beverley Daurio

The Mercury Press 2007

ISBN 1-55128-133-3

Speculative, mnemonic, phantasmic - the works in this anthology open numerous doors into those hidden places where we store our dreams and nightmares, where we rummage through regrets and hopes. These are the closets of time where memories become fiction and fictions become reality. Welcome, and please - close the door behind you.

Contributors: Gary Barwin, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Beverley Daurio, Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, Paul Dutton, Brian Evenson, Karl Jirgens, Lesley McAllister, Misha Nogha, Lance Olsen, John Riddell, Stuart Ross, John Shirley, Steven Ross Smith, Lola Lemire Tostevin, Richard Truhlar