Figures in Paper Time

Richard Truhlar

Aya Press / The Mercury Press 1989

ISBN 0-920544-66-5

Figures in Paper Time comprises four of Truhlar's experimental fictions, including Accretions, the first part of his ongoing serial novel. The second part was published as The Hollow (The Mercury Press, 2005.)

"What can be written to suggest a story without actually writing a story absorbs Truhlar...a rhythmic and compelling flow of language." - Alan Thomas, Canadian Book Review Annual

"His fictional pictures tantalize...a challenging collection both in style and content, demanding sophisticated adult readers." - Freedman, The Reviewing Librarian

"A dense and chewy book of experimental writing from Truhlar." - Factsheet Five

"...just as modern composers (Glass, Cage, et al) value repetition and endless refraction to build meaning, so Truhlar foregoes the easier joys of poetic imagery through percussive, nagging, dogged digressions." - Karen Shook, The Ontarion