Infinite Anatomies

Richard Truhlar

Teksteditions 2012

ISBN 978-1-927367-11-7

Available for purchase

In the fourteen speculative fictions that comprise Infinite Anatomiesem>, Richard Truhlar creates and explores dark landscapes of the imagination: whether of the future (does the universe end?) or the past (a murky time with the denizens of wickedness, in the life of revered British painter J.W. Turner)—each story leads us into the depths of the human psyche.

Whether a scientific experiment in our essential life force gone horribly wrong, an airplane that crashes into another time dimension, or the moving story of an iconic man with no memory who reads every day to the people of a dystopian future, Truhlar creates haunting, powerful characters and suspenseful narratives that twist with all the flavours of curiosity and wonder.