Moon Dice

Richard Truhlar

Underwhich Editions 1982

available for purchase

Moon Dice is a series of nine homolinguistic translations of selected poems from Albert Giraud's 1884 volume Pierrot Lunaire which composer Arnold Schoenberg used for his famous song-cycle of the same name.

This chapbook was published in a limited editions of 200 copies by Underwhuch Editions in March, 1982.

"Do not hesitate towards Richard Truhlar's homolinguistic translations of Albert Giraud, in Moon Dice, for the poems are tiny and clever, miniature imagery etched on the eyes." - Barry Dempster, Poetry Canada Review

"If poetry is condensed language, then Moon Dice is condensed poetry. The juxtaposing of many images within this 'minimal' poetry brings about a surreal ambiguity in the reader's mind. Confronting these images gives this reader feelings of mystery and melancholy as well as a glimpse of a strange beauty." - Rudi Brunell, Toronto Arts News