The Hollow and other fictions

Richard Truhlar

The Mercury Press 2005

ISBN 1-55128-117-1

The Hollow and other fictions is Truhlar's seventh collection of literary works which contains three short fictions: In the Porchyards of the Void, Telephage and The Package; as well as The Hollow which is the second part of an ongoing speculative fictional work dealing with mankind and the environment. The first part of this 'novel' was published in his book Figures in Paper Time (The Mercury Press,1989) and is entitled Accretions

In The Hollow, a woman paleontologist excavates, alone in the wilderness, surrounded by land that is ripe with fossils and the geological layers that reveal them. She stops at a diner along the highway near the dig site, and meets a man who also has an interest in layers. What happens later, changes the strata of human existence forever.